AXS Crystal Shield D3O® Magsafe Compatible Apple iPhone 15



The Crystal Shield Case features D3O® Bio, the world’s leading plant-based impact protection material. D3O® is found in helmets, gloves and other protective gear used around the world by soldiers, professional athletes, and motorcyclists. D3O® technologies stiffen to absorb and dissipate energy during an impact, significantly reducing the amount of force transmitted to your smartphone compared to standard materials. Providing the same protection D3O® is renowned for, D3O® Bio saves on fossil-based resources and offers the ability to recycle material waste from the production process directly back into it, avoiding post-industrial waste. D3O® Bio is the solution to protect devices, people and planet.


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  • Sleek reinforced corners maximize shock absorption by creating an air cushion between your phone and any surface
  • Up to 10-foot drop protection for extreme durability
  • Anti-skid grip
  • Raised bezel around the camera for enhanced protection
  • Anti-UV material offers a crystal clear design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed in Canada

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