How it started

Welcome to D3O® x AXS. We want you to go on great adventures, embrace new challenges and explore every opportunity. We empower you to dream big and experience life the way you want it.. protected. We want you to know that when life happens, we are right here with you – every dump, hit and slam. We exist to own these moments.

About D3O®

D3O® stands as the global frontrunner in advanced protection solutions. Unrivaled in its field, D3O® sets the standard for safeguarding technology, seamlessly integrated into helmets, gloves, and an array of protective equipment relied upon worldwide by elite soldiers, professional athletes and motorcyclists.

D3O® serves a diverse portfolio of brand partners including the US Department of Defense, CCM Hockey, NASA, adidas, Harley Davidson, Formula 1 racing teams and many more.

AXS & D3O® Patnership

This exciting partnership greatly enhances the protective qualities of AXS’s phone cases while introducing to our customers the added protection of D3O ® Bio TM, the world’s leading clear plant-based impact protection material.

“Our technology has proven itself in the most demanding environments, from the NHL to professional motocross, and so developing materials for world-class brands such as AXS is a natural extension of our innovation program”.

- Mostyn Thomas, Global Brand Director of D3O®.

How does D3O® material work?

Materials are soft and flexible in their resting state, but on impact, it stiffen to absorb and dissipate energy, significantly reducing the amount of force transmitted to your smartphone compared to standard materials.

AXS Crystal Shield Phone Case

Made from recycled materials, Crystal Shield provides lasting clarity and trusted impact protection backed by D3O®, the world’s leading protection company.

Providing the same protection D3O® is renowned for, D3O® Bio uses leading bio-based content made from renewable resources, with no compromise on impact protection.

D3O® Bio is the solution to protect devices, people and planet.