Our mission

Axessorize was founded on one simple idea: offer the widest range of accessories for all the devices that are available in our target markets. We create mobile accessories that protect your tech and enhance how you socialize and engage through today’s digital lifestyle.

How it started

While working as a salesman in a major retail chain, Axessorize founder, Simon Hartle, identified a gap in the mobile accessory industry. Most brands were, and still are, delivering accessories for the popular devices only, leaving consumers using less popular devices with little to no options. Seeing the real need for some variety, Axessorize was created.

Greater the diversity Greater the perfection

We started in 2014 with one simple silicone case and have since grown and offers a complete range of accessories including a full line of chargers and cables, along with other fast-moving universal products. Distribution Axessorize is always looking for ways to be smarter with our materials, pouring energy into new ideas that enables us to deliver products that matches your

Speaking of game-changing materials, we launched in 2019 a bio case made of plant-based materials under our new brand, mellow. We’re on a mission to design accessories that can offer optimal impact protection while having less impact on the environment.

Our promise

We guarantee everything we make –
Because we know prioritizing durability results in consuming less energy,
wasting less water and creating less trash.

We know how your accessories are made – Everything we make has an impact on people and the planet. We
visit our factories regularly and have local staff.

Made for Your Everyday Adventures –
We’re a premium tech company that embodies a smart rugged-meets-fashion style,
made for your everyday adventures no matter where you’re headed next.

We keep our gear in the loop –We buy used
materials, collect used products and transform them into something new.


What Guides Us

Community: We are a place of
inclusivity, diversity and open-mindedness. We support one another and the
communities where we live and work.

Agility: We adapt quickly to market changes and
emerging opportunity.

Integrity: We always strive to do what's right, and
to build trust and lasting relationships with our partners.

Freedom: We celebrate the individuality of style
as a form of self-expression. We believe everyone should enjoy everyday
adventures, living life on their own terms.