Axessorize 30W PROCharge PD Compact Wall Charger



The 30W USB-C PD Mini Wall Charger is 40% smaller than standard wall chargers, but not less powerful! It can charge USB-C-compatible devices up to four times faster than most traditional chargers. Its fast charging technology supports some iOS and Android devices and most laptops, while providing much higher power levels than standard charging. Both practical and safe, it detects the maximum power a device is capable of receiving, and adjusts its power level accordingly.

• Compact design: 40% smaller than standard 30W PD chargers
• Fast charges most USB-C compatible devices
• High Power Efficiency: Smart charge chip adjusts power output based on device requirements
• Foldable prongs for easy transport
• Superior quality: only the highest quality materials are used and rigorous testing is done to ensure quality and safety


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