AXS 30W PROCharge USB-C PD GaN Wall Charger with PPS



Experience blazing-fast charging speeds with our PROCharge USB-C 30W PD home charger, delivering up to 4x faster charging compared to conventional options. Utilizing USB-C PD technology, it's compatible with select iOS, Android devices, and most PD-enabled laptops, providing significantly higher power output for rapid charging. Engineered with cutting-edge GaN and PPS charging technology, our charger dynamically adjusts power output, optimizing charging efficiency while safeguarding against overheating and damage.

  • Integrated GaN technology provides a high-power, efficient charge that won’t overheat
  • PPS technology dynamically delivers optimum power to compatible devices
  • Fast charges most USB-C compatible devices
  • High Power Efficiency: Smart charge chip adjusts power output based on device requirements
  • Foldable prongs for easy transport
  • Dimensions: 33.8 X 29.2 X 31.2mm

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