Allure Fabric Sony Xperia XZ2

  • Comet Black
  • Glacier Grey Glacier Grey
  • Burgundy Brown
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Designed to flatter, Allure Fabric fits comfortably over the curves of your device with virtually no added bulk. Crafted with a tailored, unique fabric, this case has a knitted cover to protect your phone with style. The fabric material is very noticeable even from distance, without looking overly flashy. Delivering exquisite defense while doubling as a rustic chic accessory, Allure is fashionably useful. 

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FASHIONABLE DESIGN – Keeps your device looking like a standout.

KNIT EXTERIOR – Built with a tailored knit fabric that makes the device super grippy.

SLEEK BUTTONS – Volume and power buttons covered by the same fabric.

OPEN-CUT BOTTOM DESIGN - Gives you access to all ports.

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