PROMount - Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount

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Staying connected is more important than ever, and having your phone close at hand on the road in a way that’s safe for you and your fellow motorists is a big deal. Vehicle Mounts that sits on the windshield can obstruct your view. Be safe and opt for Axessorize’s PROMount, which claps onto your air vent instead. Designed with an industrial strength suction cup to ensure stability during use, it holds your phone with a magnet, which makes insertion, removal, and repositioning of the phone easier than ever.

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  • Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty
  • SAFETY – This magnetic car mount is not bulky or space consuming. You no longer have to put your phone in the cup holder, dashboard, or obstruct your windshield.
  • POSITIONING IS EXTREMELY EASY – It can easily rotate, fix, or tilt to any angle that best assists the viewer.
  • COMPATIBLE BRAND – The vent clip is nearly universal, it works on standard horizontal vents.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – It comes with two metal plates that fit in your phone case or stick to the back of it.

Instructions how to set up PROMount:

  • Clear the surface on the back of your phone.
  • If you have a phone case, place the magnet between the cover and phone.
  • If you don’t have a phone case, peel off the metal sheet sticker, and place the sticker directly on the outer surface of your phone.

You don’t want to apply a sticker? Try PROTech Lite

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